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About Us

Our People

Asiapeaktravel Ltd. was founded by Mr. Tho Nguyen. He has worked in the travel industry for over years, traveled extensively, and has become a tourism expert and keynote speaker in the luxury travel industry in Vietnam and around the globe. Tho Nguyen saw a need for a tour company that would specialize in high quality travel service, with an emphasis on ultra-luxurious, privately guided and fully bespoke holidays. He especially wanted to create personalized tours with an emphasis on culture, and an immersive approach to touring. To that end, Tho Nguyen designed Luxury Travel University programs for his colleagues.  Travel advisors are well trained to become the ultimate luxury travel advisors and part of a team with great passion and a deep knowledge of tourism. Those who go through the training develop great pride in their company, expertise in luxury accommodation, unparalleled salesmanship, and customer care and service skills without equal. Tour guides speak many different languages and become adept at working with Western travelers. All company operations are run by experienced, creative and passionate managers, luxury travel advisors, guides and chauffeurs.

 What Do We Do?

We provide tailor-made custom travel services for individual tours, business travel, meetings, conferences and exhibitions (MICE).  Further, our company serves a wide range of luxury travelers (ranging from 1 to 1000 people) from leisure travelers to prime ministers. We can set up the perfect tours catering to couples (including honeymooners), families,  museum groups, foodies, golfers, spa and yoga enthusiasts, scuba divers and many other special interest travelers. Not only that, but travelers with dietary restrictions or mobility issues can be accommodated in most destinations.

Luxury Travel serves thousands of satisfied travelers every year and targets 30{ca8458bc68a8ac913a2588d948f3e2ec4e4eee186feefb24ce744a763dd24d49} annual growth. The company is proud of its 99{ca8458bc68a8ac913a2588d948f3e2ec4e4eee186feefb24ce744a763dd24d49} satisfaction rate and we have a repeat client rate of over 60{ca8458bc68a8ac913a2588d948f3e2ec4e4eee186feefb24ce744a763dd24d49}. This is why we have won numerous travel awards recognizing the best luxury tour operators.  We believe that nothing is impossible, so you name it, and we make it happen in style.

Our Products

We invest in product development, and will keep you up to date on the latest tours and trendiest products available in the region. Each tour is designed to capture the crème de la crème of culture and food in each region, allowing travelers to really get a feel for the places they visit. The beauty of our products is that they illustrate the knowledge, sophistication and flair for service that is the standard for our expatriate and local travel experts. We live in the countries that we serve, and love Southeast Asia, which is why we strive to ensure that travelers feel the same way.

 Our Quality Assurance

Our slogan is “Serving Today’s Most Sophisticated Travelers”, and we seek to serve more than the average traveler. We have long-established relationships with our local luxury suppliers, ensuring not only competitive prices, but also quality service. To ensure the comfort of our travelers, we always use private transport when traveling by road. We have our own modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles, ranging from a standard car to a 16-seat Mercedes Benz luxury van to a full size coach. Other modes of transport include private yachts, private jets, helicopters and luxury trains. We book accommodations appropriate to the type of tour selected and the client’s preferences. This can vary greatly, from boutique 3-star hotels bursting with character to luxury beach resorts. Whatever the selected standard of accommodation, we use the best at that level. We have visited our destinations, and have personally checked out the finest hotels, resorts and restaurants designed for discriminating travelers, so we guarantee that they will like what we suggest.

The Highest Standards of Service and Professionalism

As a high-end tour operator and DMC, we set a very high standard in our company for the benefit of our clients. We are committed to operating with the highest standards of service and professionalism, while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us not just good, but great. Our job is to reward you and your customers with unique travel experiences, and we continue to raise the bar in order to exceed even the most sophisticated client‘s expectations. We listen carefully to our travel partners in order to deliver the right itineraries, experiences and services, in response to the demands of the changing market and the needs of customers.

Our Reputation

We are a 100{ca8458bc68a8ac913a2588d948f3e2ec4e4eee186feefb24ce744a763dd24d49} fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company, founded by our award winning luxury travel specialists. In our company, we have a long tradition of putting customers first, and this is true of each driver all the way to our CEO. Our industry and consumer awards are testimony to our excellent reputation and unbeatable experience in the region, and much of our business comes from referrals and business network recommendations. We’ll help travelers satisfy their passion for travel by sharing our insider knowledge, while our connections will get them access to unique places and one-of-a-kind experiences. Our profession is all about relationships and reputation, and our many years of experience in the luxury travel trade have made us one of the most well-known service providers in Southeast Asia. Our customers have given us great feedback, which has convinced us that we can continue to provide memorable experiences for others in the future.

Our Business is Sustainable and Responsible

Responsible tourism is defined as: “Travel conducted in a such manner as not to harm or degrade the cultural or natural environment of the places visited.“ Acting as a local and responsible tour operator, we aim to create better places for people to visit and better places for people to live. We are committed to making our business more sustainable and responsible. We believe that by taking measured steps to build corporate and social responsibility into every aspect of our business, we can reduce the negative effects of the travel industry on our environment, and accentuate the positive impact of tourism by working to preserve the destinations we love for future generations. We continue to explore innovative and positive ways to promote Southeast Asia, while showcasing the beauty of its countries through responsible travel.

Our Sacred Protector

One of the four sacred animals, the turtle holds a special place in Vietnamese culture, being closely link to Vietnam’s rich river system and its culture of wet rice cultivation. The sacred and mystical creature is considered a protector, and it also the spiritual symbol guiding the company culture of Asiapeaktravel.

The turtle is been chosen as the sacred animal of the company because it symbolizes so many things: the harmony of heaven and earth, good and talented people, prosperity, longevity, knowledge, spirituality, peace, stability and sustainability.

According to legend, the Hoan Kiem turtle is 500 years old and may appear on days celebrated in the capital.

Core values of Asiapeaktravel

At Asiapeaktravel., people are always our top priority and concern, because we too are people working in the tourism and service industry, and we are proud to be a part of the first luxury travel company in Vietnam.

Asiapeaktravel is being redefined as experiential, and we provide great experiences for our guests. Customers are the greatest asset of our ethical business, and customer care is at the heart of what we do.

Education and continuous innovation are the lifeblood of our company. We respect each other and welcome individual differences, so that each person can contribute their unique views and skills to the organization.

Asiapeaktravel. is a company filled with friendship, pride and peak professional performance.
All “luxers” are devoted to Asiapeaktravel. and great things happen when we join together side by side to achieve our goals!

Mission Statement

To provide “wow” services for your coming holiday to Vietnam and to the most sophisticated travelers with luxury, privately guided and fully bespoke touring holidays, which promise authentic, unique and exclusive, once-in-a-life time experiences coupled with personalized customer service.

Our Vision

As the first high-end tour operator in the luxury tourism industry in Vietnam, we not only want to capitalize on our position, but also to develop and grow from it.


Email: asiapeaktravel@gmail.com

Hotline: 098.118.2118